Peel away unwanted dead skin cells from your feet painlessly and naturally with Beautifoot!

Beautifoot is designed specifically to remove unwanted dead skin cells from your feet. It’s an effective, effortless and very simple to use pedi-peel solution. It is an easy, ninety minute treatment used at home, to naturally exfoliate the dry and cracked skin from your feet 4-7 days after application. The single use package contains one pair of booties prefilled with a natural plant extract solution that will cause dry, cracked skin to painlessly peel away to reveal healthy supple skin.

At home peel away treatment to remove dry and cracked skin from the bottom of your feet

foot peel

Dead skin cells on bottom of the feet accumulate due to pressure and friction from every day ordinary activities such as standing, exercising and wearing shoes. Feet become cracked and painful from the accumulation of dead skin. Our scientifically formulated product contains all natural extracts which exfoliate and moisturize your feet at the same time. Beautifoot penetrates into the layers of dead skin cells and breaks down the layers which easily peels away from the fresh layer beneath. After the peeling process, your feet are reborn and become softer, giving you healthy, beautiful feet.


Before and After using Beautifoot exfoliation treatment


Read what some of our customer are saying about out product 

“Fantastic, really helped my cracked feet.”

“I would do it again, and again, and again.”

“It’s been 3 weeks since I used Beautifoot and my feet are still smooth!”

“I was skeptical that Beautifoot would work, but after 4 days my feet began to gently peel. Weeks later they’re still smooth and soft.”

 ”Beautifoot is truly a pedi-CURE! It transformed my rough calloused feet gently into what feel like baby feet.”